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Eco Premium Exterior Wood Oil

code VOC0378XX


With a natural oils base, enriched with UV filters, the product guarantees protection of all exterior surfaces without releasing VOC and with a pleasantly natural effect. It does not peel and is suitable for all types of wood. It contains active principles that protect the support from harmful agents.

The product can be coloured with oil pigments (3-5% for semi-transparent colours, 10-15% for opaque colours). The addition of the pigments grants longer duration of the coating.

Code VOC0378XX 12 x 500ml
Code VOC0379XX 12 x 1Lt
Code VOC0379.5XX 2 x 5Lt
Code VOC0379.10XX 1 x 10Lt
Code VOC0379.20XX 1 x 20Lt
Method of Usage

The product is ready for use, but if desired it can be mixed with Borma Linseed Oil or Borma Tung Oil, as it can be diluted with turpentine or better with dearomatized Borma Solvoil Plus.

On a properly cleaned and pretreated surface...

...apply Eco Premium Exterior Wood Oil brush in two or three coats with an interval of at least 10-12h at 20 / 25 °C.

After 24-36 hours of exposure if it should appear necessary, proceed to a white scotch brite brushing or to cloth wiping.